Changes to how Teams fundamentally works

Teams has always been a huge part of Gamepayments, today I can announce that some instrumental changes to how Teams works will be deployed within the coming week. At the moment the way that Teams works is like this

  • You send an invitation to a Team member by their username
  • While filling out the form to invite the Team member, you input their username, email address, percentage, and any notes

Here lies the problem. In order to invite a Team member you must know their payment email. This isn't a problem if we were only limiting Teams to how they are right now. But payment options on TeamGames and Gamepayments has an important role in the future of our websites.

  • In the future when a customer is applying to a player store, they must enter their payment email.
  • When splitting payments you must know your Team's payment email
  • When we add Referral Coupons you must know your Team's payment email (more on Referral and Global Coupons in a future blog)
  • When adding Global Referral Coupons they must enter their payment email on TeamGames

But what happens if your Team member is also a player who is selling on the Player Store? This leads to a redundancy that could otherwise be avoided.

You might now understand where this is going. There is an inconsistency between when a Team member has to add their payment email on TeamGames vs when you have to know their payment email for Team features. A better solution to bring forward is Team members putting their email once on our TeamGames domain. This is also beneficial when it comes to our fraud protection, if a team member charges back on another server, they can be blacklisted from using any of our other features that would benefit them (such as referral coupons, player store, etc). I firmly believe this is a great direction to take Teams and is fundamental when scaling.

Some users have also asked why Team members now have to create an account on TeamGames. There are a few reason for this, the first being we want to make sure that the team member gave consent. Having this extra verification process also makes sure that the Team member can make sure that the payment email actually belongs to them (even though we're changing how this works, there will still be a verification process when adding a payment method). By having an account we can also make sure that if a Team member is removed, we can email them to their email of choice (the one used to create a TeamGames account) and not just to their payment address. Lastly when Teams expands more there will be an option to allow Teams to view all transactions that earned them revenue, as well as a revenue panel where they can see the total amount of sales made. Overall it's important to the growth of this feature.

Thank you if you read this far, stay tuned for the next blog!

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